If you didn’t know that these photos are from the set of The Wolverine 2, then you might assume that Hugh Jackman is currently filming a movie in which he plays an older but no less sharply-dressed James Bond. Suit? Check. Nice car? Check. Graying beard? Check. The name’s Logan. Old Man Logan.

Photos from the set of James Mangold’s sequel to The Wolverine were originally published on Just Jared before making the usual social media rounds:

Is Logan driving a…hatchback? Man, he really is an old man now — as if you couldn’t tell by the scruffy gray beard and the Clint Eastwood look on his face.

So far we know that The Wolverine 2 will take at least some inspiration from Mark Millar’s Old Man Logan comic, in which an older Wolverine is begrudgingly pulled out of retirement to help an old friend. Patrick Stewart is reprising his role as Professor X for Jackman’s final outing as the X-Men hero, with Boyd Holbrook as the head of security for an insidious global enterprise and Richard E. Grant as a mad scientist. The sequel also co-stars Stephen Merchant, Elise Neal and Eriq LaSalle, with Fear The Walking Dead’s Elizabeth Rodriguez in talks to play a small but crucial role.

As for the ol’ rumor mill: there’s been reports that Reavers are involved, potentially tied into the X-Men: Apocalypse post-credits scene, which teased the arrival of Nathaniel Essex. It’s also been suggested that Wolverine’s female clone X-23 will be introduced, with Bryan Singer recently confirming that she’s likely to appear in an upcoming X-Men franchise project.

The Wolverine 2 hits theaters on March 3, 2017.