According to SuperHeroHype, a very exciting character may be making her live action debut in next year's Wolverine 3. The film focuses on a team-up between Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier, but SuperHeroHype has apparently heard (although they stress it hasn't been confirmed) that the story also introduces Laura Kinney, the young female clone of Logan who currently holds the name and costume of Wolverine in the comics.

Although this will be Laura's first movie, she originally debuted on television. She was created by Craig Kyle for the X-Men: Evolution animated series. Soon after, she entered the Marvel Comics universe in NYX in 2004. Since then, she's grown in prominence, and is currently featured in All-New X-Men as well as starring in All-New Wolverine.



Of course, there's no reason to think that Laura will use the Wolverine name in the movie; Logan will most likely retain that title. Laura may be referred to as X-23, which is the name she used as a superhero for ages, even though it's so clearly a clone designation. Presumably her appearance as a clone of Logan and the question of what to do about her and the shadowy organization that created her will provide the movie's plot. Unless she's not in it at all, since this is just a rumor.

It would make a lot of sense to position whoever plays Laura Kinney to take over the Wolverine movie franchise when Hugh Jackman ages out of the role, or just gets sick of it. Considering Hollywood's reluctance to embrace female superheroes, however, that seems sadly unlikely.