Wolverine is dead. I think. Or about to be dead; I'm not actually up-to-date on that book. But either way, one of Marvel's biggest heroes is certainly dying, fictionally-speaking, and he'll be gone from Marvel's books for... an uncertain period of time. Excluding flashbacks and alternate dimensions, maybe. And the possibility that he's not dead.

Killing Wolverine could actually be a smart move for Marvel; the character has been over-exposed for decades, to a degree that dilutes his appeal. Taking him off the board for a period allows the character to rest and come back when people miss him and creators have something new to say about him, and turns his return into an event. The tactic worked well for Captain America and Peter Parker, among others. But Marvel can't ever be completely without Wolverine; that would be crazy. So in January it's launching an ongoing weekly series called Wolverines. Yes, weekly. Yes, plural.

Announced at Marvel's X-Men panel at New York Comic-Con on Saturday, Wolverines spins out of The Logan Legacy (and Death of Wolverine, and The Weapon X Program -- Wolverine has been dying for a while, across multiple titles) and focuses on Wolverine stand-ins X-23 and Daken, and villains Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike and Mystique, plus a yet-to-be-revealed mystery character. And maybe Wolverine.

Charles Soule and Ray Fawkes will co-write the weekly series. Fawkes is also co-writing one of DC's weekly books, Batman Eternal; Soule apparently can't write a whole weekly book on his own, because he's famously lazy. Nick Bradshaw will illustrate, with the help of "more". Possibly "lots more". The series will look at the secrets and mysteries of Wolverine's life and death. So it'll be all about Wolverine, basically. Wolverine, Wolverine, Wolverine. Every week. Forever.

The X-Men panel also shared a preview of Return Of The Living Deadpool, a sequel to last year's Deadpool vs zombies series Night Of The Living Deadpool, by Cullen Bunn and Nicole Virella; and announced the next arc of Amazing X-Men, starting in January in Amazing X-Men #15 from writer Chris Yost. 'Juggernauts' sees Colossus, Juggernaut, and some ambitious villains racing to take possession of the crimson gem of Cyttorak.

You can see a preview of Return Of The Living Deadpool below, plus covers and a sample Nick Bradshaw spread from Wolverines. One of the Wolverines covers has a silhouetted character whose identity has not been revealed.


Jay Shaw
Nicole Virella



Wolverines #1 cover (redacted image), Nick Bradshaw[/caption]

Wolverines #1 variant cover, Gabrielle Dell'Otto
Wolverines #1 art by Nick Bradshaw. Click to enlarge.
Wolverines #2, Nick Bradshaw
Wolverines #9, Nick Bradshaw