At the Comic-Con panel for his upcoming robot boxing movie Real Steel, X-Men star Hugh Jackman revealed that the villain of the next Wolverine movie -- a 2012 film tentatively titled The Wolverine -- will be familiar nemesis Silver Samurai.

"I'm filming Les Miserables in February, but before that I will be filming Wolverine 2 in October," said Jackman. "I'll fight the Silver Samurai in it so that should be exciting. Most of the filming will take place in Japan."Silver Samurai, a.k.a. Keniucho Harada, is a mutant samurai with the power to generate a tachyon field, often around his katana blade, and has been a frequent opponent of Wolverine in the comics. Harada is the son of a Japanese crime lord with strong ties to the Japanese underworld and his half-sister, Mariko Yashida, was one of Wolverine's great loves, and even at one point his fiancee.

The actor playing Silver Samurai has not yet been announced -- whom would you like to see in the role?

[via Moviefone]

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