Marvel and director James Gunn have already started looking at actors for the sequel to last year's surprise hit Guardians of the Galaxy, due for release in May 2017. It may be too soon to expect any immediate announcements, but the coming months should give us a better idea which new characters will be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the second installment.

At least one more member is likely to join the team, and Gunn has said he hopes to have "at least two women in the next iteration of the Guardians." That would be a welcome change for a team with just one woman right now, Gamora, and four characters that present as male --- but which women from Marvel's roster of cosmic characters would fans like to see join the team? Here's your chance to weigh in!

We've compiled a list of women who could be future Guardians. Some of them were Guardians in the comics; some feel like plausible recruits; some are wildcards. (To keep things easy, we've excluded characters with closer ties to non-Marvel movie franchises.) You can vote for two characters to join up, and the final top two choices will... probably be ignored in favor of just adding Nova.

Here are the contenders:

  • Phyla-Vell

    Actual Guardian. Kree. Super-strength and energy powers. Daughter of the original Captain Marvel, and romantic partner of Moondragon. Sometimes goes by Captain Marvel, Quasar, or Martyr.

  • Mantis

    Actual Guardian. Human, despite the green skin and antennae. Telepathic martial artist. Raised and trained by Kree priests in Vietnam as the prophesied mother of a celestial messiah. (That happened; she moved on.)

  • Moondragon

    Actual Guardian. Human. Also a telepathic martial artist, but she was raised and trained by Thanos's brother and some monks on the moon. In the comics she's the daughter of Drax, who in the comics is also human, but his mind was transferred to a super-body.

  • Angela

    Actual Guardian, actual Asgardian, not an actual angel. Secret sister of Thor, with all the Asgardian powers, but she uses those powers as an assassin and cosmic bounty hunter.

  • Carol Danvers

    Actual Guardian. Human. Super-strength and energy powers. Current Captain Marvel and future star of the 2018 movie of the same name, so introducing her in Guardians might be a smart movie — if you want James Gunn to be the director that brings her in.

  • Medusa

    Not a Guardian. Inhuman. Queen of the Inhumans. She whips her hair back and forth. One of the likely stars of Marvel's Inhumans movie in 2019, so she too could be introduced in an earlier movie. Marvel has been making a big push for the character in its comics.

  • Kismet

    Not a Guardian. Artificial life form. Super-strength and energy powers. Fans have long speculated that artificial 'perfect' human Adam Warlock could join the Guardians, so why not his female counterpart? Kismet is sometimes known as Her. Not to be confused with Ann Veal.

  • Dr Minerva

    Not a Guardian. Kree. Super-strength and energy powers. A brilliant geneticist, but also a villain, so if she joins the team she'll end up betraying them and perhaps becoming a Captain Marvel baddie.

  • Karolina Dean

    Not a Guardian. Majesdanian. Light powers. Teenager raised on Earth by alien parents/Hollywood actors. As one of the Runaways, her inclusion would likely only happen if Marvel planned to introduce her teammates.

  • Lylla

    Not a Guardian. Halfworlder. Gun-wielding sentient otter and soulmate of Rocket Raccoon. Her existence was already attested to in Rocket's file in the first movie.

  • Nikki Gold

    31st Century Guardian. Mercurian. Heat powers. Acrobat and thrillseeker. A member of the original Guardians, a team of the future, whose only representation in the first movie was a very loosely adapted Yondu.

  • Aleta Ogord

    31st Century Guardian. Acturan. Super-strength, phasing, and solid light projection. Another future Guardian, who gained powers from a hawk god and merged bodies with her brother. Maybe that's too weird even for Marvel.