On sale now in comics shops everywhere and in the DC Comics digital store is Wonder Woman #4, concluding the new series' inaugural storyline. Written by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Cliff Chiang with colors by Matthew Wilson, the book has been a critical standout of DC's ambitious and commercially successful New 52 initiative, reimagining Wonder Woman as the warrior daughter of the Amazon Hippolyta and Father of the Gods himself, Zeus, and caught up an ancient family feud of epic proportions. The new issue finds Hera descending angrily upon the Amazon's Paradise Island while Diana takes a moment to unwind at a rock 'n roll music recital in London. Check out the preview below.Talking with Comic Book Resources' Josie Campbell earlier this week, Azzarello addressed the value that came with expanding Wonder Woman's family beyond Hippolyta and the Amazons and bringing in more of the duplicitous Greek pantheon.

CBR: Does making her part of that cool-but-cruel family also plant doubts in Diana's own head about her heroism? That she might actually be more like the Gods?

Azzarello: Does it do that or does it actually solidify how she feels about herself, her view of the world? I think that's one of the aspects we're getting at when we talk about humanizing her. In prior "Wonder Woman" stories she came from a perfect place and she was a perfect person. That's not human. It's very one-note, so we're trying to add some other notes to the character. Have her flawed, have her family have flaws. It makes for a -- it just makes for story, I'm not even going to say richer. The bottom line of story is conflict.

Wonder Woman has left Paradise Island behind, but Hera is just arriving. Without the Amazons' most powerful daughter to protect them, can they withstand the wrath of a God who once favored them? And why would Zola want Diana to march right back into the eye of the storm?

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