Wonder Woman, like many comic heroes, has undergone her fair share of wardrobe changes throughout the years. From the recent Jim Lee redesign to that time when the creators were trying too hard to make her look like Emma Peel. But did you know from even before her debut in Sensation Comics, Wonder Woman's creators were hard at work tweaking her look?

A post today on Letter's Of Note features a conversation between cartoonist Harry G. Peter and Dr. William Marston, better known by comics readers by his pen name Charles Moulton, and by historians for inventing the systolic blood pressure test (which would later become a major component of the modern lie detector test). Peter, at the ripe old age of 61, was charged with bringing Wonder Woman to life and illustrated her adventures until his passing in 1958.

In the letter pictured below, you can see Peter and Marston discussing the finer points of Diana Prince's costume, most notably the eagle, which was a staple of Wonder Woman's costume until the recent, and hopefully temporary, redesign by Jim Lee.

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