Wonder Woman fans got a bit of potentially disappointing news last week when Entertainment Weekly reported that David E. Kelley's potential WW show was no longer moving forward. EW speculated that the reason the Amazonian princess won't be seeing TV screens soon might have to do with licensing fees, but that's logical and boring. How about instead, we watch a new Funny or Die video starring Derek Richardson and Maggie Lawson, in which a nice guy suffers through a dream date-gone-wrong with a foul-mouthed heroine repeatedly referred to as "Diana" to ease the pain? Or perhaps cause even more...Traditionally depicted as a paragon of virtue, Wonder Woman isn't known to engage in many vices (although occasionally snapping a neck might count). Imagine an ordinary dude's horror when he finally scores a date with the Amazonian princess only to uncover a maniac.

Behold an alternative take on Diana below, but be warned of the NSFW language.

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