Somewhere on the grain-based Earth-9, the rolls and croissants of Breadmerica cried out for a vitamin-enriched warrior of peace and "Wonder® Woman" heeded the call.

The breadiful leading lady was sculpted awhile back by Flickr user mleak, who described her creation thusly:

"This is a sculpture I made in 2008, a Wonder Woman made out of Wonder® brand white bread and its packaging. I used 11 loaves of bread as well as their bags, in case you're curious."

While the sculpture would have been an impressive feat through any media, the puntastic use of the Wonder Bread and packaging is worthy of any Amazonian princess - especially one capable of being part of a powerful, nutritious sandwich.

Even though it wouldn't be quite as ironic to sculpt Superman, Batman or the Flash the same way, I'm sure most fans wouldn't mind seeing an entire Justice League rendered using the complex carbohydrate-laden technique.

If you're reading this mleak, you have our full support in the matter.

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