Television's new Wonder Woman took to the streets of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles last night as production continues on the NBC pilot that's proved divisive for fans of the DC Comics superheroine. However, those unimpressed with what they've read about the David E. Kelley-created series will surely feel a little better now, as spectator photographs from the Hollywood and Highland location shoot reveal that star Adrianne Palicki's costume has been modified from the first version we saw to more closely resemble that of the classic Wonder Woman.Released by NBC the Friday before last, the costume of TV's new Wonder Woman was a heavily shiny affair, apparently based almost entirely on latex or some other reflective material. The colors were especially bright and light, particularly the blue of Diana's pants. Of course, the bright blue boots were also a matter of contention for many, as did their high heels.

Photographs of Wonder Woman taken from last night's shoot feature a costume that addresses the concerns in a way that almost makes one suspect producers actually care what audiences think. The Amazon princess' blue high heeled boots have been switched to red flats; the light blue latex pants have been replaced with what look like a pair of navy blue jeggings; and the brightness of the bustier appears to have been diminished as well.

Executive produced by David E. Kelley and starring Adrianna Palicki as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince and featuring Traci Thoms, Cary Elwes, Justin Bruening, Joseph Gatt and Elizabeth Hurley, Wonder Woman is slated to air on NBC sometime in 2012.

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