Held this year from December 5-10, Mozambique Fashion Week is an annual fashion and cultural event hosted by African nation's capital city of Maputo. In addition to MFW's mission to promote the creativity and beauty of the Mozambican people, the event includes a social responsibility component that specifically targets the subject of breast cancer, which is of course an enduring threat that affects millions and millions of women around the world. For this year's campaign, MFW partnered with Associação da Luta Contra o Cancer to create a series of breast cancer screening advertisements that feature the comic book superheroines Wonder Woman, She-Hulk, Storm and Catwoman.Mozambique Fashion Week's breast cancer campaign is a collaboration with the office of first lady Maria da Luz Dai Guebuza. The MFW website states:

Alongside the fashion shows, the Mozambique Fashion Week promotes this project which focuses on publishing and disseminating information about this disease that has victimized many women in order to achieve an improvement in prevention and also in the provision of alternative breast cancer treatment in Mozambique.

The main objective of this campaign are to:

- Inform and disseminate the disease in the adolescent and youth community and the public in general, in order to change the attitude and behavior towards the disease.

- Raise funds to support this project of the fight against breast cancer.

- Contribute to an improvement of prevention resources.

To that end, advertising firm DDB Maputo was commissioned to create the superheroine-themed self-screening images. Illustrated by Maísa Chaves, the work is most likely not officially licensed by Marvel or DC Comics, who own the characters depicted. Regardless, readers of Ads of the World have reacted favorably to the campaign by awarding each piece at least seven out of 10 stars.

That the iconic characters' faces are obscured speaks to the important message of the ads, which reads:

Nobody's immune to breast cancer. When we talk about breast cancer, there's no women or superwomen. Everybody has to do the self-examination monthly. Fight with us against the enemy and, when in doubt, talk with your doctor.

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