Fans are still in the relative dark about Adrianne Palicki's upcoming Wonder Woman look, but thanks to new set photos from the filming of the series pilot, there's a little insight into the NBC logo of the Amazonian princess. Diana's trademark golden eagle emblem isn't necessarily insurance of the heroine's classic costume as it's prominent on most of her duds (including her current Jim Lee design), but given her tiara's red star aesthetic is also visible, it's at least clear that the show's logo designer knows what fans want to see.There's always a chance that the show logo will be modified or completely overhauled from its current status as a cast and crew chair emblem to its final appearance in prime time.

In my dream scenario, David E. Kelley is going to take a cue from Toei's '70s Spider-Man series and ditch WW's invisible jet for a transforming eagle mech pulled straight from this logo design (well, it'd be cool to have that turn invisible too). It may be the only way I'll ever forgive him for that creepy dancing baby on Ally McBeal.

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