News broke Friday that DC Entertainment's latest endeavor to bring the DC Comics characters to the wider media is a television series based on Wonder Woman, the world's most famous female superhero. Deadline reports the series will be developed by David E. Kelley, best known as the creator of quirky lawyer series "The Practice," "Boston Legal" and "Ally McBeal."The combination of Wonder Woman and the medium of television is a demonstrably successful one. Also known as Princess Diana of the Amazons, Wonder Woman is perhaps most associated with the classic television series starring Lynda Carter, which ran from 1976-1979. That series was largely faithful of the Wonder Woman tradition, depicting the heroine in her proper costume, flying an invisible plane and beating up bad guys.

There is yet no comment from Kelley or Warner Bros. on the nature of the new series, but given the reverence DC's Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns has for the DC Comics characters, we can hope Kelley will not run too far afield of the character's core (regardless of what ensemble the radiant Princess may wear). In any event, it will be interesting to see how Kelley's "dramedy" style maps over the superhero genre. The writer's shows are characterized by exasperated, high functioning young women and narcissistic men frequently entangled in compromising workplace romances. Having just written that sentence, it occurs to me that is precisely what transpired between Wonder Woman and Batman in "Justice League Unlimited."

[Via Deadline]

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