There's still several weeks before James Stoke‘s Wonton Soup gets collected in a new 6 x 9" trade paperback by Oni Press, but the publisher is aiming to whet readers' appetites for the previously out-of-print comic in a glorious 30-page preview of the upcoming Wontomnibus. Have some water handy, though, we don't want you burning your tongue.

Wonton Soup Vol. 1 was originally released by Oni in 2007, with Vol. 2 following in 2009. Both volumes were initially printed digest-sized with roughly 5 x 7.5" dimensions. On July 2, the publisher will shake things up and celebrate some seven years with the comic with a bigger new edition packed with 224 pages of frenetic cosmic foodie action.

If it's digital Wonton Soup you're hungry for, a version of the collection will be available on ComiXology, Kindle and other digital platforms, a format first for the series.

You can get your first look at the rear cover from the collection and read 30 pages from the new Wonton Soup Collection (15 from Vol.1, 15 from Vol. 2) by James Stokoe below.




From Volume 1



From Volume 2