At Asylum, we consider the body a sacred temple that shouldn't be debased. On the other hand, a tattoo of a dolphin in a recliner smoking a bong is wonderfully stupid.

A "No Regrets" tattoo is one that would stop you cold if you saw it on a girl right before you were about to hook up. It could also disqualify you from being a sperm donor.

So enjoy, just don't get drunk and end up getting the same tat as one of these poor saps.

Note: The photo captions are from the book as well.

No Regrets

    Now preppies are getting tats? It's over people! Nothing to see here, folks. Go home to your families.

    Okay, this is the best tattoo we've EVER seen. The artist told us this was the result of a lost bet (awesome). I can't decide who I want to give an awesome beej to more: the dude who thought of it or the dude who actually got it.

    R.I.P. Ol' Dirty Foot.

    This guy doesn't need bongos and a bag of coke to bring the party. He just shows up in shorts with his PARTY LEGS and brings the PARTY VIBES. Even his grandchildren will be high-fiving him when he takes them fishing.

    There are about three million Chewy tattoos out there, but this is the funniest rendition I've ever seen. I could look at this every day for the rest of my life and still get a chuckle. Dude, look at it. It's. So. Good.

    Chewy from Star Wars - Christina Sparrow

    "Snakes on a Plane" on a douchebag.

    This is what happens when chicks die: We turn into magical pink unicorns who get blazed by our big strong Pegasus boyfriends on a cloud in the middle of a rainbow. Then we get to smoke afterwards and nobody tells us it's a cliche.

    Don't make eye contact with this. Looking at Chuck Norris in the eyes is like watching "The Ring." You won't know it, but you'll be dead within a week.

    Hmm ... maybe some regrets.

    I bid $1, Bob.

    Bob Barker -- Tattoo Andy

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