Even if you aren’t familiar with his comic book counterpart, the name of the villainous Apocalypse definitely conjures up ideas of complete global annihilation, a bad guy who could very well usher in the End Times. And that’s the mega-conflict the X-Men are facing into in next year’s X-Men: Apocalypse, which sees the team battling the most epic threat yet. Oscar Isaac is set to play the role of the big bad Apocalypse, and although he can’t say too much, he is promising some pretty big things.

Isaac appeared on the Monkeys Fighting Robots podcast (via THR), where he said that he’s been reading the script and trying to find an “interesting angle” for his villain character. The actor went on to tease the scope of Apocalypse:


…definitely focusing on the fact [that his character] is the embodiment of the second coming of the judgments of God and that energy going in. We’re playing with that.


Apocalypse was first teased in the end credits tag of X-Men: Days of Future Past, where he’s shown as a younger man in Egypt with people praising his name. For those unfamiliar, the character — also known as En Sabah Nur — is an immortal, exceedingly powerful mutant, and a longtime foe of the X-Men. Not only do they have to face off with Apocalypse, but they also have to deal with his Four Horsemen.

The actor says he’s “come up with something very cool” for Apocalypse with director Bryan Singer and writer/producer Simon Kinberg, explaining that they’ve been trying to make sure that, while he’s definitely a villain, his ultimate plan is one that the audience could see as understandable, to a degree:


…trying to…make his philosophy and [mission] one that is both simple but also holds water, that really makes sense throughout the whole movie.


It seems like this version of Apocalypse will be humanized a bit, and like Magneto, his plan will be one that — in a certain light — makes sense, even if it is awful.

X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters on May 27, 2016.


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