Now, now, let me preface this post by stating that I'm okay with movie studios releasing similar kinds of films around the same time. A few years back when "The Prestige" and "The Illusionist" hit theaters, I liked both for very different reasons even though one seemed to outshine the other according to my personal taste. It's cool though, because I got to see two films with shared themes head in different directions.

That said, this fall's "Necrosha" event at Marvel Comics -- planned to span "X-Force," "New Mutants" and "X-Men Legacy"-- will see mysterious villains unleash an army of undead mutants against the X-heroes, which kind of mirrors a theme or two from Geoff Johns' "Blackest Night" storyline over at DC. Well... maybe more than just a theme or two.

The two events will likely differ in their details, but the coincidence isn't lost on most comic book readers.

Let's all just hope this is just a case of two good movies with similar themes arriving in theaters around the same time rather than, say, a "Deep Impact" vs. "Armageddon" scenario.