Littered though the TV landscape is with comic book adaptations, fan-favorite Y: The Last Man has become a running joke in the industry, having proven infamously difficult to get off the ground as a feature. Now, FX may finally have gotten the beloved Brian K. Vaughan/Pia Guerra comic in development as a TV series. Alas, poor Yorick.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that FX has partnered with Vaughan, Color Force’s Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson (The Hunger Games, American Crime Story) to develop the sci-fi comic as an ongoing series, with the search underway for a writer and potential director. New Line had previously acquired the rights in in 2007, setting David Goyer, Carl Ellsworth and director D.J. Caruso to adapt Y: The Last Man as a single film, before rights reverted to Vaughan in 2014.

For those unaware of the 60-issue series written by Vaughan and drawn by Guerra starting in 2002, Y: The Last Man follows the aftermath of an apocalyptic event in which almost every male on Earth simultaneously dies out, save for twenty-something amateur escape artist Yorick, and his pet monkey Ampersand. The pair team with secret agent “355" and a young doctor to travel the country in search of Yorick’s girlfriend Beth, and an answer to the worldwide plague.

Honestly, Y: The Last Man has been a no-brainer for TV treatment for years now, what with the hunger for comic properties, and a nearly all-female cast sure to draw positive progress from a male-skewed industry. FX wouldn’t comment on potential development, but might we finally get the Y: The Last Man series we deserve? Let’s get to fan-casting!


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