DC Comics wasn't screwing around when they tapped Yildiray Cinar to do art duties for Paul Levitz's Legion of Super-Heroes relaunch. What you've seen of his work there, in Noble Causes and in Teen Titans only begins to scratch the surfaces of his talents though, as you'll notice in the richly layered sketches he loves tweeting about from his home in Turkey.

Hal Jordan, Doctor Strange and Firestorm have all shown up in Cinar's Twitpic posts. The most cosmically charged his subject's powers are, the more stunning colors and effects you're liable to see him breaking out on his pages. The motion, weather and bravado he's able to render in a Thor sketch are utterly mesmerizing, and you almost feel bad to refer to any of his finished products as mere "sketches."

That's what Cinar calls them, however, and if that's what he cranks out for scratch at comic book shows, he shouldn't ever any problems keeping his pockets and wallet filled. Find out what he's capable of and let us know who you'd like to see him draw below.