Press Release

Shiro and Yoshiko are like two ships forever taken in different directions by the wind. Their quest to be together has taken them from Japan to China to Paris to Egypt, where their reunions have been fleeting. And yet, they have pledged to belong to only each other, "If not in life, then in death."

Samurai: Heaven and Earth Volume Three kicks off on the open sea, with star-crossed lovers, samurai Shiro and his love Yoshiko torn from each other's arms after being reunited at the end of volume two. This time, Shiro crosses the open seas in pursuit of Yoshiko, who has again fallen into the hands of his arch-nemesis, the Spaniard, Don Miguel Ratera Aguilar. The journey takes them to the New World at the dawning of the golden age of piracy. Shiro is now a reluctant crewman on an English privateer during Queen Anne's War, when colonial powers battled for supremacy in the Caribbean and the Americas. When he hears of a Spanish nobleman with a beautiful Asian woman at his side, Shiro knows his enemy, and his lover, are close at hand.

Shiro must enlist his crewmates in his quest, characters whose origins span both historical and literary pedigrees. Will this marauding, motley crew be just the allies Shiro needs to finally be reunited with his lady-fair, Yoshiko, for once and for all?

"Ever since the idea of Samurai: Heaven and Earth first occurred, this is the story we've wanted to tell, the one we've been pointing toward. Putting a samurai warrior amidst a crew of Caribbean cutthroats is the most fun you can have in comics, as far as Luke and I are concerned. I'll gladly walk the plank if this isn't the best volume yet," writer Ron Marz said.

Acclaimed creators Ron Marz and Luke Ross reunite for the next volume of their historical epic. Samurai: Heaven and Earth Volume Three, a five-issue limited series, sets sail in spring, 2008. Each issue has a retail price of $2.99.