The old "fake legs to make it look like you're riding something" has been a standard trick for costumes for as long as people have been pretending to dress up like cowboys to get free candy at the end of October, but we have rarely seen it better than the incredible Mario and Yoshi Puppet costume created by Oscar D. Garza!

Garza, an artist, animator and luchador (yes, really) created the costume last year and ended up taking home the Best In Show prize from Wizard World Austin. Check out a video of the costume in action after the jump!

Garza's costume isn't just something neat to look at on a convention floor, either. He's posted step-by-step instructions on how to make your own version over at Instructables, and if you've got $450, four months and enough skill, you too can be prepared for your next trip to Dinosaur Land. You may scoff at the expense, but that's a small price to pay for the safety of your local princess.

In addition to the instructions, Garza also provides helpful photos of every step of the process, including some truly bizarre shots of the middle stretch, where we find out what it would look like if Mario tragically lost both feet to a piranha plant:

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