I love adorable animal mascots. I especially love adorable animal mascots when they're birds, and I love them even more when these birds are mascots for important online institutions. Case in point - Oliver the Twitterrific Bird, the representative of Twitter interface Twitterrific. (That's a lot of twitter saying.)

If you're not content by tweeting online and tweeting on your phone, now you can tweet with your action figures. Or, rather, your action figures can tweet at you. Really, nobody's doing any tweeting, but you can imagine that this Oliver the Twitterrific Bird vinyl figure is twittering sweet tweets all night long if you want.

The vinyl is available through the Iconfactory store page, and there are two versions of Oliver available for purchase - a standard $19.95 vinyl and a slightly pricier $26.95 flocked vinyl. That's right, flocked, and for less than $10 more than the standard version. It's a small price to pay for an almost authentic feathery pal.

So now that we've got an Oliver action figure, how long before the Twitter tie-in comic book? The only rule is that the writer has a 125 character limit per panel. Get it? Because it's Twitter? And the rules state... that... ah, man. Nevermind. Go away.

[Link via ToysREvil]