Whenever I look at any art by Yuko Shimizu, whether it's her Eisner-nominated cover work for The Unwritten, an illustration in the New York Times or Rolling Stone, or a beautiful piece of art in an advertisement, I find myself wishing it was bigger. Her art always feels like it needs to be viewed on a larger scale to be truly appreciated. Fortunately, if you find yourself in or near New York City any time soon, you'll get the chance, as one of Shimizu's illustrations has been turned into a mural in Brooklyn.


The mural, which was just completed, is 80 feet long and located in the DUMBO (District Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass, in case you were curious) section of Brooklyn. It's one of eight murals commissioned as part of the Dumbo Walls Project, including one directly across from Shimizu's which has a similar theme. From Shimizu's blog:

This is a project I have been collaborating with Sagmeister & Welsh for last couple of months as a part of Dumbo Walls project organized by DUMBO Improvement District and Two Trees Management Co.

One wall is going to be a simple graphic typography on a black wall, and another side is the same type made out of illustrated and detailed octopus tentacles. The walls are painted by very talented Coby Kennedy based on the designs we had created.
If you are in DUMBO area, you can see the work in progress, for the next week to maybe up to two weeks (depends on the progress). The underdrawing stage is done, and the painting has just started. I am planning on checking in as much as I can.
The walls are on Jay street under-path, right outside of F train York Street exit in DUMBO.



The piece is now complete, and below are a few process pictures, one of her mural and another of the one on the opposite wall.