IMAX theaters are screening a special event on Monday to hype next year's Zack Snyder movie Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and it's not clear exactly what attendees are going to get, but at the very least they can expect to pick up a couple of pretty sweet posters. The original plan was that attendees would be the first to see the trailer for the movie, which introduces Ben Affleck as our new sourpuss Batman, and sees the return of Henry Cavill as our joyless Superman. Gal Gadot also stars as a presumably grinchy Wonder Woman, but she isn't in the trailer.

That plan got nixed when the trailer was leaked online, forcing Warner Bros to release an official high definition version on Friday night, which you can watch right here. Since seeing the same trailer on the big screen won't be enough to satisfy everyone attending the IMAX event, Snyder has promised to reveal new footage from the movie, but on Twitter on Sunday night he also revealed another incentive; a couple of posters that will be given out to attendees.




It's safe to say I wasn't a big fan of the first Man of Steel movie; I found it relentlessly grim and morally compromised. The new Batman V Superman trailer didn't encourage me either. It hints at a deconstruction of heroism from a director with an at-best shaky grasp of the theme. The aesthetics of Snyder's movie don't hold much appeal for me either; they're dark and glossy as a Kinder Surprise, but the prize inside is always disappointing.

But I actually like these images. The paste-and-torn-up poster aesthetic may be a well-trodden path, but in the context of a superhero movie it actually feels unexpected and different, and having the characters' logos torn out across each other's eyes --- in each others' colors --- sets the tone of the confrontation rather nicely.

It's also fair to say that chins don't come much more superheroic than those of Cavill and Affleck. If you're going to draw this much attention to a pair of chins, you want some grade 'A' chins to work with. Kudos on your chins, fellas.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opens on March 25, 2016.


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