Good news for those of you still looking forward to Man of Steel 2, AKA Superman vs. Batman vs. Wonder Woman vs. Cyborg vs. Green Lantern Maybe vs. Oh My God They Are Probably Going To Put Aquaman In A Movie: Justice League Begins! Visionary Director™ Zack Snyder took to Twitter today with an exciting look at one of the elements of the new film and revealed the brand new movie Batmobile!

Well, sort of. He revealed a wheeled, Batmobile-shaped object mostly hidden by a tarp, but hey, close enough. Check below for a larger look at the rear wheels, giant tailfins and potentially flaming exhaust of the sweet ride that Ben Affleck will be driving while quoting Frank Miller comics next Summer!


Man of Steel 2 Batmobile, via Zack Snyder


Just from this glance, it looks like Man of Steel 2's Batmobile is skewing a little closer to the stylized version that we know from the comics, rather than the blocky, militaristic (but, let's be honest, equally fantastic and ridiculous) "Tumbler" of the Nolan films. Judging by the shape under the tarp, it looks a little closer to what we saw in the Burton and Schumacher films.

If, that is, it actually is the Batmobile.

I have the sneaking suspicion that this whole thing is all a misdirect, and that Snyder's setting us up for a swerve. Why else post the picture in black and white, unless there was something in the color of the car that needed to be hidden before a big reveal? That's why I don't think this is the Batmobile at all, but the familiar finned shape of... The Supermobile!


The Supermobile, by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez


Imagine how much better that movie would be if Superman was riding around in a rocketship that had fists. I mean, think of all the necks he could snap with those giant robot hands!



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