Blood and War coverPress Release

"We're pulling out all the stops," said Chad Fuller, the creative force behind Blood and War, the Wizard World Exclusive Zen comic-book that debuts at Wizard World Chicago.

Created in 1987 by Steve Stern and Dan Cote, Zen continues to have a loyal following, ranging from fans who were in their teens when they bought their first Zen comic, videogame or action figure, to their children, who are only now discovering the alien ninja.

"Chad himself has been a longtime Zen-fan," said Stern, "and when he approached me with the idea for Blood and War, I knew it was the perfect vehicle to launch Zen on a whole new series of adventures, and into his third decade. It was a joy for me to script this book."

Cote was equally impressed with Fuller's artwork. "If Moebius were to design Saturday-morning animation, this is what it would look like," said Cote. "Chad is a visionary with a style that's totally unique in all of comicdom."

When fans arrive at table #4300, they'll not only find two editions of the Wizard World Exclusive Blood and War-the standard edition, and the sketch cover edition-but they'll also have the opportunity to enter a drawing for such items as an authentic ninja sword, as well as rare classic Zen Intergalactic Ninja comic-books and action figures.

"This is a huge thrill for me," said Fuller, "as someone who grew up reading Zen, and is now part of the creation process."

Wizard World Chicago takes place at the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center from August 9-12.

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