In this time of uncertainty, it's very easy to be overwhelmed by stress and frustration, but here at ComicsAlliance, we have discovered something that can help: a clip from Monster Jam featuring the soothing presence of The Batman Monster Truck, designed after the Tim Burton-era Batmobile but with more branding and the heraldry of Monster Jam blowing in the wind.

Let two and a half minutes of the Batman truck lazily circling and occasionally jumping over a pile of wrecked late model sedans float you away from your day-to-day troubles on a cloud of enlightenment after the cut!

According to its Wikipedia entry -- and honestly, if the fact that there's a Wikipedia entry for "Batman (truck)" doesn't brighten your day at least a little, then there's not really anything I can do for you -- Batman's monster trucking abilities were honed to such perfection that it was able to take home back to back World Championships in 2007 and 2008 with driver John Seasock. It performed so well, in fact, that the following year the truck was modified to become the 22nd vehicle to operate under the legendary identity of Gravedigger -- or as it's properly pronounced according to the commercials, Grrrraaaaavediggerrrr!!! -- which I think makes Gravedigger the first monster truck member of Batman Incorporated.

Beyond those earthly achievements, though, the simple beauty of the Batman truck (which, let's be real here, puts anything in nature to shame) is definitely a nitro-burning path to enlightenment that crams years of meditation and study into a single kind-of-impressive jump off a dirt ramp. For example, just look at the YouTube comments:

It might seem like your standard Monster Jam debate, but in reality, it's a deceptively simple koan for our modern times: Can Batman or Gravedigger truly be better than one another, when Batman becomes Gravedigger? If Batman and Gravedigger are one and the same, are not all things united in harmony, if we merely take the time to see it? And have we all not, at one time, lied the fire... in ourselves?

Also, there's a lesson in here about letting go of earthly attachments:

It is as the Buddha said: Attachment (to expectation of awesome monster truck stunts) leads only to suffering.

Think upon it, gentle reader, and feel your concerns slipping away like the noxious diesel fumes of a monster truck. Let your stress be the crushed cars, and your mind soar above them on gigantic tires of enlightenment.

(Thanks to enlightened reader Jamie Coville for sending us the video)