Upcoming: CBR has a preview of MAD Magazine #513, which will include a "Sheen Lantern" parody. [CBR]

Legal: The Dominion Post reports that New Zealand's Superloans company has won a lawsuit filed against them by DC Comics for using a superhero mascott called Buck bearing what they considered had striking similarities to Superman. [Thanks to CA reader Arthur]

Creators: Comic journalist Susie Cagle will not be charged for being present at a raid following her arrest last month while covering Occupy Oakland. [The Beat]

Humor: Kerry Callen's new bumper sticker design calls for peace among Earth's superpowered protectors. [Kerry Callen]

Monster Trucks: Marvel's Captain America and Wolverine trucks are officially part of the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam. [Monster Jam]

Awesome: Hold on to your straw hats -- Kotobukiya is releasing One Piece ice trays. [BBTS]

Art: Miguel Endara creates a hand-drawn portrait of his father dot matrix style. [Boing Boin

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