When Kotobukiya hits on all cylinders, there are few collectible companies that can match them pound for pound. Whether it's the Fine Art, ArtFX or Bishoujo lines, there's always something new and impressive to be awed by when visiting Koto's booth. Sometimes the successful pieces are outnumbered by some questionable collectibles, but at this week's New York Comic Con, Koto delivered a handful of strong pieces that will get 2017 off to a good start for the collectors.

Squirrel Girl getting a Bishoujo statue was a major concern when it was announced, but the concept art shown off at San Diego Comic-Con gave a little hope this character would be treated right. The first prototype for the piece delivered on that promise, and showed the Bishoujo line has a lot more to offer than overt sexuality. The piece is cute and sticks within the "beautiful girl" mold without veering Squirrel Girl off into the danger zone. If more of the statues in this line followed this mold, it might appeal to a broader range of fans.

The Fine Art line never disappoints, and Koto is keeping that trend going with a classic Vision statue next. This piece looks like it came straight from the classic John Buscema-era, though filtered through a modern lens. That pose has been seen a billion times, but as a statue it's really striking. It makes for a powerful piece that perfectly captures the spirit of the character, all with the high-end attention to detail the Fine Art branch of Koto's catalog receives.

Some of the new Star Wars pieces were obvious choices, but that doesn't mean they are any less welcome. Shoretroopers and the Deathtrooper should do well enough, but we've rarely seen any of the franchise characters in this set that don't have armor plating. Aside from the original trilogy heroes, and a handful of Sith, it's rare for Koto to dip into the Force-powered waters. A Jyn, Rey or Finn would be welcome additions given how many villains we've gotten. Maybe Toy Fair will host some surprises.


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