Now that Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has become so legitimately deadly that it's inspired an episode of Law & Order, it looks like Marvel has had to figure out another way of competing with the upcoming, highly anticipated (by me) Batman Live stage show. It's a tricky proposition, but somehow, someone was able to come up with a solution that is crazy, awesome, and crazy awesome: Marvel Monster Trucks.

According to a press release on, "Marvel Monster Trucks Live" will be hitting San Diego's Quaalcomm Stadium in July of 2012 -- presumably on a Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! -- and will feature both "a suspenseful storyline" and the arena being "transformed into the Marvel Universe with buildings, props, lights, and pyrotechnics straight from the comic books and movies!" So in case you were wondering why Marvel artists were suddenly drawing dirt ramps and piles of smashed cars outside the Daily Bugle building, there you go! Check out the video after the jump!

Of course, despite the video's hype, this actually isn't the first time the Marvel Heroes have been immortalized in monster truck form. This might be the biggest collection of them but there were a monster trucks based on Wolverine and Spider-Man battling it out with G-G-G-Graaaaavedigger!! as recently as 2003:

And there were even others based on their competition at DC in the form of Batman and Superman -- the only monster truck I know of that actually has a cape.

Of course, this is the only show devoted entirely to the Marvel Universe, and one that promises to have the characters themselves appear alongside their namesake trucks, which makes me wonder just how many Marvel characters we're going to see. Will we see Moon Boy astride a Devil Truckasaur? Could this finally be the chance for U.S. Ace to get the recognition he deserves as Marvel's first and only character devoted exclusively to driving a big rig?

I hope so. And I also hope that it's such a huge success that it's not limited to the arena, too. I mean, we've had stories where the Marvel Heroes turn into zombies and Hulks and even gorillas, so why not go all out and have them turn into trucks, too?

Suggested Titles: Adventure Into Gear and This Man, This Monster Truck. Call me, Marvel.