The Batman: Arkham series has been the most talked about and revered DC Comics video game of the last five years. Though it hasn't been the only DC game released in that timeframe, few have managed to capture the conversation in same way as Rocksteady Studios. Of course, there were dozens of DC games released over the years, that were arguably as enjoyable even if they didn't resonate quite as much. What can we say, not every game puts you in the shoes of the Dark Knight.

Still, if were to compile a list of all the best DC Comics video games, the Batman: Arkham series would take up too many spots from titles just as deserving. That's why we've completely ruled the Arkham games out of the equation. Those games are good. You know it. We know it. Your grandmother probably knows it because even she can't deny the awesome power of Batman.

From the golden, nostalgia-filled days of the NES and the Genesis, to the current crop of high-powered PCs and consoles, there are few DC games that have managed to stick with us as well as these games have. Thankfully, not every game developed under the DC banner happened to be as bad as Superman 64. Many came close, but even that golden standard is hard to top. Anyway, here are the 10 Best DC Comics Games That Aren't in the Batman: Arkham Series, otherwise heretofore known as the longest list title in the ComicsAlliance catalog. Probably.


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