Who is the greatest Avenger of all time? You probably have your personal favorites. You probably also have a pretty good idea who the popular favorites might be. We wanted to know for sure, so to mark the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron we conducted a giant-size poll to give you the chance to choose between more than 100 Avengers members, and rank them from least to best. Now the results are in. And we think there are a few surprises.

We included Avengers members up until recent months (when Secret Wars makes everything very confusing), and excluded future members, infiltrators, fakes, and honorary Avengers. The planned addition of new members like Ms. Marvel, Miles Morales, and the female Thor after Secret Wars may stir things up in the future, and you never know when a character like the former Falcon and current Captain America, Sam Wilson, or Jessica Jones or Daredevil, might get a big story or a profile boost that changes their ranking.

In the meantime, we think your votes produced an impressive list, with a top ten that ought to be hard to deny (even if you're not totally sold on the order), and an overall order that shows a general understanding of the difference between a great character and a great Avenger.

But don't let any of that stop you arguing about the results.


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