As the record will show, checking out nifty art and watching cartoons are two of the things we love more than anything else here at ComicsAlliance. That's why we were pretty excited about the the Adult Swim themed art show at the pop culture themed Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. With artists taking their inspiration from every Adult Swim show from Space Ghost Coast to Coast Venture Bros. to Delocated, the end results have been some pretty awesome twists on some of the best shows Cartoon Network's mature audiences block has to offer. Check out a sample of our favorites after the cut!"The Bat" by Olly Moss combines Hank Venture, The Dark Knight Returns, and the impending hilarity of an injury caused by jumping off the roof with an umbrella. It's a formula The Venture Bros. does to perfection:

If there was any justice at all in this crazy world of ours, "Doctor Orpheus" by Delicious Design League would replace those "Beer!" posters as the default in dorm room design:

"Dr. Steve Brule" by Bruce White has proven what I have always said: There is no room in this world that would not be improved by a velvet painting of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job's resident helpful news commentator:

"Brock, By Odin!" by Anne Benjamin has combined Brock Samson with Thor into some sort of ultimate killing machine, but from what I've seen of The Venture Bros., I'm pretty sure Mjolnir would just slow him down:

"The Life Aquatic With Hank Murphy" by Brandon Schaefer is a mashup concept that works perfectly, mostly because citing revenge as the scientific purpose of killing a shark is exactly the sort of thing Sealab 2021's Hank Murphy would do:

"Robot Chicken" by Jason Edmiston is another one that's just thematically perfect, to the point where doing the toy-based show's mascot in the style of a G.I. Joe action figure's packaging has made me want to buy an action figure that does not actually exist:

"Are You Getting Enough Oxygen" by Glen Brogan is one that I don't even have a joke for. It's just a beautiful tribute to one of my favorite shows:

"Choose Your Own Ad-Venture #13" by Sean Dove is another product I would buy without question, and while it's hard to pick the best of the many great things about it, the fact that it inevitably ends in death is pretty fantastic:

"Brazil's Number One Board Game" by Fernando Reza lets you play God with a disturbingly naked Dr. Blake Downs from Children's Hospital:

"Sebben & Sebben 2012 Calendar" by Glen Brogan has combined my love of pin-ups, my need to know what day it is, and that wellspring of sympathy I have for Harvey Birdman's most underappreciated and inappropriately lusted-after sidekick:

"Black Hearts" by Kim Herbst isn't just piece of art, it's a personality test too! If your reaction to seeing it was to say "Wait, the Black Hearts were never actually part of the Guild of Calamitous Intent," then congratulations: You are nerdier than 21 and 24 combined:

"Brak! Issue 100" by Veronica Fish features both Brak and my beloved Go-Go Checks. The Mona Lisa does not. I think you see what I'm getting at here:

To see more, and to get prints of the pieces as well, check out Gallery 1988's full listing for the show, and if you're in the LA area, head down there and have a look in person! The show runs until February 4!

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