Nowadays, I think we can all agree that Thrillpower is for everyone, but that was not always the case. In the late '70s, with 2000 AD a success after its first year of publication thanks to strips like Judge Dredd, the publishers decided that the world needed "2000 AD for girls," and thus Misty was introduced to the world.

The weekly magazine ran between 1978 and 1980, directed at girls with a focus on supernatural horror, and is still remembered fondly despite its relatively short 101-issue run. Now, for the first time in 35 years, it's set to be reprinted starting next September, starting with stories from Pat Mills, John Armstrong, Malcolm Shaw and Brian Delaney.



The first volume of reprints will include Mills and Armstrong's Moonchild, the Carrie-esque tale of a girl with telekinetic powers, and Shaw and Delaney's "The Four Faces of Eve." Here's the official word from 2000 AD's press release:


Pat Mills said: “I designed Misty to be a female 2000 AD with the emphasis on magic and horror, rather than science fiction; it was very successful and is fondly remembered today. The stories chosen for the graphic novel are regarded by Misty readers as the very best with stunning, powerful and scary art. It's great to see them back in print and I hope they will form the vanguard of a girls’ comic revival that is long, long overdue.”

Ben Smith, head of books and comic books, said: “When Pat Mills tells you there are great comics hidden in an archive and someone should really publish them, a sensible publisher sits up and takes notice. Pat was talking about Misty and girls comics in general to graphic novels editor Keith Richardson and myself on a plane to San Diego Comic Con and was so enthusiastic about the material we had to go looking for it. Heralding from an era when comics for girls outsold comics for boys, Misty was shortly-lived but burned terribly bright. It remains unlike anything else with its collection of shocking and varied subject matter. It’s a great pleasure to be able to bring this spell-binding work back into the public eye and we look forward to surprising people all over again.”



The first volume of Misty reprints will be on sale in September of 2016.


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