As it is prone to do perhaps more often than some of its American competition, British sci-fi weekly 2000 AD has designed its latest issue to be especially welcoming to new readers. Four brand new stories begin in this week's 2000 AD Prog 1850, each meant to introduce audiences to the unique blend of art, attitude and insanity that can typically be found every week in "the galaxy's greatest comic." Among them, a new Judge Dredd strip as well as new work by Al Ewing (Mighty Avengers), Pat Mills (Marshal Law), Ian Edginton (Victorian Undead), and INJ Culbard (The New Deadwardians).

The new-reader-friendly prog is part of a concentrated effort to raise awareness of 2000 AD and Judge Dredd in particular so as to persuade the powers that be that a Dredd movie sequel is something they should put into production at once. That effort includes an official Dredd sequel petition and the latest issue of Judge Dredd Megazine, which introduces a new strip that will continues the continuity of the cult favorite Karl Urban film.

We've been increasingly impressed with the output of this storied anthology and company, even going so far as to declare 2000 AD's "Trifecta" storyline the best event comic of 2012, and just this week praising Judge Dredd: Day of Chaos as "an event comic done right." So maybe you should check this stuff out.

Available now from the 2000 AD digital store and iPad app, Prog 1850 breaks down thusly:


Judge Dredd: New Tricks
Script: Michael Carroll
Art: Paul Davidson
Colors: Chris Blythe
Letters: Annie Parkhouse



Damnation Station: The Titanic Sails at Dawn
Script: Al Ewing
Art: Mark Harrison
Letters: Simon Bowland



Flesh: Badlanders
Script: Pat Mills
Art: James McKay
Letters: Annie Parkhouse



Brass Sun: The Diamond Age
Script: Ian Edginton
Art: INJ Culbard
Letters: Ellie De Ville

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