On June 24, 2000 AD is putting out the latest in their line of 48-page seasonal anthologies, and as you might expect, the Summer Special is set to feature all the usual suspects that you get in the weekly prog. There's a Judge Dredd story, of course and Rogue Trooper makes an appearance, and there are a couple of new offerings in there as well. Pretty standard stuff.

And then there's the return of the Ace Trucking Company, which features an interstellar alien truck driver and his zombie pal haulin' goods across the cosmos, complete with sci-fi CB language. So, you know, this is obviously something you're going to want.

Eddie Robson and Nick Dyer's "Star's Truck" will mark the first new Ace Trucking Co. story in almost thirty years. The serial, originally created by John Wagner, Alan Grant and Massimo Belardinelli, originally ran from 1981 to 1986, a golden age for comics about truckers that also included U.S. 1. Sadly, that beautiful era passed, but now, we can hope for a revival.

On the off chance that you're one of those few readers who prefers comics that don't revolve entirely around driving an eighteen-wheeler through outer space (and who are we kidding, such a reader simply does not exist), here's the full lineup for the Summer Special:


Judge Dredd: Let’s Go To Work by Mike Carroll & Jake Lynch
Rogue Trooper: Death of a Demon by Guy Adams & Darren Douglas
Ace Trucking Co.: Star’s Truck by Eddie Robson & Nick Dyer
Survival Geeks: Movie Night by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby & Neil Googe
Robo-Hunter: Iron Sam by Alec Worley & Mark Simmons
Future Shocks: Dust by Gary Blatchford & John Higgins


And just as a bonus, here are some pages from Survival Geeks and Robo-Hunter: