First-person video games make me dizzy to the point of nausea, and as a result, I often feel left out of the conversation when everyone's excited about something new and different. Dishonored, for instance, is a game that sounds right up my alley. A stealthy steampunk adventure from the publisher behind Fallout? That sounds rad as all heck, but I know in my heart of hearts that if I ever play it for more than five minutes, I'm going to end up laying down on the floor for an hour while I wait for the room to stop spinning.

So obviously, the solution is for me to experience those games through a medium I'm more comfortable with: Comics! I mean, it worked for Doom, right, and gave us one of the great literary masterpieces of the 20th century in the process, and now, it's happening with Dishonored, courtesy of Titan Comics.



The book comes courtesy of writer Gordon Rennie (of Judge Dredd and 2000 AD fame) and artists Andrea Olimpieri and Marcelo Maiolo (Batman Beyond and Old Man Logan), and will feature a brand new story set between Dishonored and its upcoming sequel. Here's the official description of the story:



The city of Dunwall; whaling capital of Gristol and industrial hub of the Empire of the Isles.
Twelve years have passed since Corvo Attano scuppered the Lord Regent’s duplicitous plot against the crown and cleared his name of the Empress Jessamine’s murder.


Now a little older and perhaps a little wiser, Corvo sets his sights on the future and securing an apprentice to continue his legacy. But when confronted by an impossible face from his past, the supernaturally-gifted assassin finds himself drawn once again into an otherworldly conspiracy, one that threatens to shake the very foundations of his ancient city.



Dishonored #1 will be on shelves in August, with the rest of the four-issue series following monthly. In September, Titan is also kicking off a trilogy of prose novels, starting with Dishonored - The Corroded Man by Adam Christopher, continuing the adventures of the games' protagonists.