Though actual collectibles under the Overwatch banner have been in short supply --- mostly due to Blizzard's commitment to its brands --- the few pieces released so far have been spectacular. Already Blizzard has launched a statue line for Overwatch featuring Tracer and Reaper, but both of those pieces pale in comparison to the latest addition, Widowmaker.

Blizzard's knack for remarkable character design has never been in question, but Overwatch has been an exceptional source of fantastic art and character that rivals the rest of the company's catalog in its entirety. The tremendous and varied aesthetics, coupled with excellent gameplay, are a large part of why the fast-paced shooter has taken hold of fan art portfolios and cosplay pictorials.

Though I main Mercy and Pharah (Pharmercy 4 Lyfe), and think that both of them will eventually make some stunning statues, it's hard to be disappointed with the Widowmaker piece Blizzard has up next. To this point, both previously released statues have captured the characters in excellent poses with details that you may have missed by only catching a glimpse at these heroes and villains in online matches. If you're as obsessed with the game as most of the playerbase however, odds are you've poured over every bit of concept art and imagery offered so you can fully appreciate the combined creative efforts of Blizzard's creative team.

Reaper and Tracer may have had slightly more dynamic poses, but Widowmaker's stance is still a strong display of her personality. She's a confident sniper, that doesn't have to be on the front lines to be effective, and her slinky silhouette is alluring. It's enough to draw you in without realizing what kind of danger your facing. It catches you in her web before you even know you're about to be served up for dinner.

The flowing ponytail and the glossy paint app are what really draw your eye in this specific piece though, which allows you to then soak up all the fine sculpting throughout the figure. Her robotic legs and heels are fashioned with precision expected of machined parts, whereas her more organic elements are much more lively thanks to avoiding such a cold, matte paint job. This also allows for her back and arm tattoos to pop a bit more against her pale skin.

The Overwatch Widowmaker statue is available for pre-order now for $150.00, and is expected to arrive in Q3 2017.


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