If the astounding amount of fan art that is already available for a game that just came out a few days ago is any indication of said game’s quality, then Overwatch has got to already be a contender for game of the year. If you’re not a gamer or aren’t familiar with it yet, the quick explanation is that Overwatch is a team-based, multiplayer, first person shooter. But that’s just the skeleton. The proverbial meat on them bones is where the magic lies.

I wasn’t sure what it was exactly that inspired such a fervent following from people for a brand new property long before the game’s actual release. People were already talking about their favorite characters and creating their own personal takes on what small details meant, and these are the kinds of actions usually reserved for franchises that have already gained a fanbase and established themselves as a brand. Sure the game was coming from Blizzard, and they have a track record of making games with followings, but shouldn’t people want to at least play the game before the start investing that kind of time, creative energy, and emotional heartspace?

Then I asked a friend of mine from the world of video games to explain it to me, and he showed me the trailer. I can’t recommend watching that trailer enough. After I watched it for the first time, I felt exactly like the little kid at the end that yells, “That was awesome!” I love playing video games, but I’m generally bad at them, so I end up not playing a lot of the big, new games, but that trailer had me chomping at the bit to get into this world! And if the idea of a game with a kind of Justice League or Avengers alliance of colorful and unique heroes with exciting and diverse powers and abilities led by a super-intelligent, talking robo-gorilla coming together to save the world doesn’t sound like something you’d like to play, then maybe seeing all this incredible art fans have made will.


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