While the mobile suits representing anime's many "Gundam" universes have been forged from everything from steel to the fictional Gundanium alloy, one fan has successfully crafted a 4-foot-tall version of the ZGMF-X10A Freedom mech from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED" out of nothing more than paper, glue, and unbridled ambition.

Vimeo user Taras Lesko chronicled the entire process of crafting his massive sculpture from start to finish with deftly edited time-lapse footage, showing the project's conception from model kit to printed paper to final massive mobile suit.

Here's how Lesko describe's the project at his professional Web site:

I created this paper model over the course of two months, which included building the miniature model, creating a 3D replica and constructing the final enlarged paper version. The final paper model consists of 175 letter sized sheets of paper and around 500 individual parts.

Watch the impressive time-lapse after the jump.

[Via Neatorama]

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