While my lady and I garnished our nuptials with our share of nerdy details a few months back, I must admit, I kind of wish I would have known about Etsy user Swelser's very Jack Kirby-inspired custom comic book cover wedding invitations depicting happy couples in four color glory.I'm a little bit comforted by my inability to commission invites of my own by the fact that the works will make it into the hands of other happy couples' friends and family, but slight jealousy still seethes when I consider what could have been. I mean, me with Kirby fingers and my wife with a masculine chin? That would have been something.

Still, I hope anyone who has benefited from these invites got, like, a million awesome coffee makers/toasters at their wedding. You know what they (probably only I) say: If you Silver Age it, they will come.

See a few of the covers below:

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