Japan may have just completed another insanely awesome scale giant robot replica in the form of Gigantor, and yes, the 1:1 scale Gundam RX-78-2 from this summer was generally spectacular, but there's one bot who did it first and did it best: Giganta - the robot playground.

Behold its mighty slide arms:
Sure, Gundam and Gigantor may be taller, more detailed and they almost assuredly garner more love based on established anime and manga series, but only the vaguely female Giganta can trap children within its mighty chest while smiling through hobo teeth.

But maybe my attitude is wrong. Maybe this isn't a competition, but rather a proud lineage. Come to think of it, Giganta could be seen as the spiritual grandmother to today's proud public art. Plus, judging from its poor posture, foggy expression and sagging facial features, this outlook seems the most realistic.

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