"Futurama" and "Simpsons" comics may be part of artist Jason Ho's day job with Bongo, but his private sketch blog is stocked with stylized renditions of "Doctor Who," "Robotech" and many other characters that would be right at home in their own Saturday morning animated series - not that "Robotech" needs a new look. A "Who" cartoon could be a lot of fun, though, and Ho seems to have a handle on how to tackle the Doctor and his many supporting cast members.

In fact, you'll find several incarnations of the Doctor, as well as Hellboy, Batman, Conan and loads of "Robotech" faces over on Bootlegsketch.blogspot.com. The further back into his archives you go, the more you'll find, and his Davros and Captain Henry J. Gloval are especially worth the trip.

Just take one gander at Ho's doe-eyed Eleventh Doctor and try saying you wouldn't want to see him chasing the Master across the universe on some wacky adventures.

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