Thunderbolts #116 Press Release

Bullseye is crippled. Venom ate the Steel Spider's arm. And Penance is in a downward spiral of guilt. Clearly, writer Warren Ellis' Thunderbolts are not a model of teamwork! To add insult to injury, more madness is brought to their doorstep in Thunderbolts #116 when Thunderbolt Mountain is converted to a temporary prison for detained superhumans. Red-hot writer Warren Ellis and brilliant artist Mike Deodato bring you part one of the new arc "Caged Angels," which is sure to heat up the action for Marvel's most notorious team - but can these out-of-control "heroes" handle it?

The Thunderbolts are one of the most effective and most popular teams in the Initiative, but when the Negative Zone prison 42 reaches capacity, the Tbolts are forced to share their headquarters with even more supervillains. The Thunderbolts themselves are prisoners so when all of these combustible elements are under the same roof , things just might be ready to blow!

The critics continue to praise the Thunderbolts, and Luke Handley of calls Thunderbolts #115 the "best read [he's] had in a long time." Shawn Hill of commends Deodato's art stating, "It's dark, gritty and right. I can't think of anyone else who could carry this book so well."

After the devastating events of the "Faith in Monsters" story arc, can Norman Osborn actually pull the team of misfits together when they all have their own agendas? Will Bullseye ever recover from the merciless beating he received from American Eagle? With so many super humans gathered at Thunderbolts Mountain, things are bound to get out of hand in Thunderbolts #116!

Penciled by MIKE DEODATO
Rated T+.$2.99
FOC-8/2/07, On-Sale-8/22/07

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