After I got done insulting my sense of humor with the traditional newspaper funnies this morning (I'm staying at my parents' and they still buy printed news!), I quickly turned to my Webcomic faves including - you guessed it -

There's a million reasons to love the quasi-daily updated strip by Anthony Clark, but the comic's rich characterization is what really sells it.

Take the fussy Reginald. He's quick to anger, quicker to forgive and quickest to party.

Today's Thanksgiving installment, appropriately titled "Gripesgiving" is a perfect portrait of the anthropomorphic bird's personality (who seems prepared to eat a Turkey - better watch those prions Reg!).

If you've never read Nedroid, today is fine day to begin. You don't have to thank me, just be thankful in general.

That's what the holiday is all about...right?