You were all big fans of Fabian Glez's minimalist superheroes design, which as we mentioned before was clever and attractive enough to transcend our growing frustration with the Web's ubiquitous minimalism art fetish.We thought we'd put together a little contest to see who could identify each and every one of them with no mistakes. Unfortunately, our readers are every bit as unscrupulous and lazy as we are, and basically everybody cheated by copy-pasting the answer key from Glez's own site (typos and all!)

So for Glez's new design featuring similarly brilliant minimalist villains, let's just try to have some fun with it for geek bragging rights and see what happens? Like his Minimalist Heroes work, Glez is offering this extremely cool design as a handsome print (just in time for the holidays, hint hint). You can check out the full piece after the jump.

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