Just when you think you're completely fed up with the Web's minimalist redesign movement, someone like Fabian Glez comes along and blows you away with some inescapably cool work that compels immediate blogging. You may have already seen this lovely design floating around the series of tubes that is the Internet this week, but we thought it'd be fun to challenge our readers to identify each character in Glez's piece.

What will you win? Well... something. Check after the jump for details and a larger version of the "Minimalist Heroes" design.The first ComicsAlliance commenter who correctly identifies each character in Fabian Glez's "Minimalist Heroes" in the comments below will be the next person followed by the official ComicsAlliance account on Twitter. As if that wasn't startlingly awesome on its own, we'll also give you a #followfriday shout-out at the end of the week, consequently making you the single most important person in the entire comics Twitterverse for all of one second.

We ask only that you list the characters in order from left-to-right and that you not abuse the immense power that will surely come with such sudden Twitter popularity and influence.

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