Comic shops are known for hosting a lot of things, like signings, parties and... OK, mostly those. But a few retailers make the effort to expand beyond the obvious with events that explore comics in unique ways or even try to bridge the gap between comics and other media. Take Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn, NY, where the owners are branching out into something that the public might not immediately associate with comics: abstract art.

The exhibit, which opens this Saturday at the store, features the oil paintings of Brooklyn native Katie Sparaco, which she describes as influenced by both the abstract expressionist Williem de Kooning and comics artist Dave McKean.

"We fell in love with Katie's art," said Bergen Street Comics co-owner Amy Adams, "and decided to show her work in our store. We are also hopeful that people who may be interested in [fine] art, but might not typically think to come to a comic shop will come and discover comics."

You can see more of Sparaco's work at her website, or if you're in the NYC area, hit up the reception for the exhibit opening, which takes place Saturday, December 12th at 7 PM at Bergen Street Comics.

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