DC Comics released this week via Yahoo a six-page preview of Action Comics #1, which relaunches the venerable superhero title whose original first issue in 1938 introduced the world to Superman. In the new version by writer Grant Morrison and artists Rags Morales & Rick Bryant, the Man of Steel, who in the new DC Universe lacks the moral and ethical guidance of the Kansas-raised Superman of the past, uses some decidedly Batman-like tactics to gain a confession from an unscrupulous businessman.Presumably in the hopes of reaching an audience beyond that of existing superhero fans, DC once again released the preview material to a disparate media outlet whose poor handling of the images has possibly defeated the purpose altogether, as very few of those new readers can actually make out the words on the page. While not as unreadable as the Batgirl #1 preview released to The New York Post last week, Yahoo's Action Comics #1 preview might require the use of a magnifying glass. Sorry.

Action Comics #1 goes on sale September 7 at comics shops everywhere, DC Digital and can also be pre-ordered online at Things From Another World.

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