"Dragon Age: Origins" is a cool game. It's no "Dragon's Lair," but then again, is anything? Still, "Dragon Age" has some things that "Dragon Lair" doesn't have - a brand new comic book series and set of action figures. BioWare is already in the game on both fronts with their "Mass Effect 2" comic books from Dark Horse and their toys from DC Direct, so the company has decided to continue the multimedia strategy by issuing comic and action figure off-shoots of the "Dragon Age" property.

According to Joystiq, DC Direct will release a a quartet of "Dragon Age" figures on September 29, 2010, with characters including Duncan, the leader of the Grey Wardens; Loghain, a fearsome general with a hilariously great name; the young magician Morrigan; and, of course, a ruthless Genlock warrior. Images of the figures aren't available just yet, probably because they're still so early in the production stage.

Man, if only we could design our own "Dragon Age" action figures, just like the player designs his or her own main character. That would certainly make the far off September release date worth the wait.